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Coal Prices

Thanks to trading activity on the globalCOAL trading platform, we provide the most reliable, transparent and objective pricing information in the coal market. Browse our data packages below to see what format and depth of pricing information suits you best.


The Coal Market Report

Daily digest of trading activity on the globalCOAL platform and the wider energy markets.

Delayed Price Feed

Online tool displaying bids and offers for physical and financial coal contracts at the world's major coal trading hubs.

Historical Data

One-off download of all historical price information for clients interested in market trend analysis.

Thomson Reuters

Do you subscribe to Thomson Reuters? globalCOAL price data is now available as an add-on service.


Did you know you can add globalCOAL price data to your Bloomberg terminal?

Free Price Indices

Register to access monthly and weekly price data for globalCOAL's NEWC, RB and DES ARA Indices.