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As the architect of SCoTA – the world's standard coal trading agreement – and provider of the most comprehensive online trading platform for physical and financial coal, globalCOAL promotes the development of a liquid and transparent thermal and metallurgical coal market.

SCoTA - Standard Coal Trading Agreement

Today widely recognised as the contract of choice for the trade of seaborne thermal coal SCoTA was first introduced in 2001 to create liquidity around standardised specifications of coal.

Mutual acceptance of these common elements allows buyers and sellers to concentrate on price discovery.

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Trading Thermal Coal with globalCOAL

Supported by our international team of Market Managers, the globalCOAL trading platform offers a fast, effective and transparent route to physical and financial thermal coal markets.

The world's most comprehensive online physical coal trading platform provides access to fixed and index-linked contracts at the most active coal hubs, including ARA in Europe, Richards Bay in South Africa, Newcastle in Australia, Colombia and a number of Indonesian ports.

As a globalCOAL Market Member, you can also settle against the gC NEWC index, the benchmark price for thermal coal in Asia.

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Trading Metallurgical Coal with globalCOAL

globalCOAL also offers a physical platform for the procurement and trade of high and low quality hard coking coals and PCI, delivered FOB Australia

We have worked with the market to develop a robust premium mid volatile contract, which trades alongside our well-established thermal coal contracts. Incorporating clearly defined quality specifications, the contract also facilitates the trade of high quality branded coals.

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Coal Price Data

Our coal price data is reliable, transparent and objective, as it is derived directly from the trading platform. Shared with the market, this data becomes a powerful tool for price discovery and risk management.

We offer a variety of packages to meet your needs:

Coal Market Report

Provides a daily snapshot of all coal market activity on the globalCOAL platform.

Delayed Price Feed

Shows bids and offers on the physical and financial coal markets in a view-only format (one-hour time delayed)

Historical Price Indices

Is a one-off download of all historical coal price information for clients conducting price trend analysis

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