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Add globalCOAL data to your terminal

What's on offer?

Trading Data*

Bids, offers and trades for physical thermal coal contracts on the globalCOAL platform.

* Time delayed by 1 hour

Key globalCOAL Indices

Access globalCOAL indices for ARA (Europe), Richards Bay (South Africa) and Newcastle (Australia).

Market comparisons

Plot coal prices against key markets such as oil, gas, freight and emissions to get true insights into market trends.

Why add globalcoal data to your Bloomberg?

Never miss a beat

With all your data in one place, you can keep abreast of market activity and make the most of opportunities.

Sophisticated analysis tools

Extensive data and customisation features help you create the charts and models you need to visualise information and unlock insight

Work smarter

Create a customised view of the markets on one screen with data, charts, analytics and functionality to work faster and smarter.

Related markets

Plot globalCOAL indices against related market data such as Brent, freight and currency exchange rates.

Plus, receive globalCOAL's invaluable daily Coal Market Report and historical data

Coal Market Report

When you add globalCOAL to your Bloomberg terminal you will receive a powerful daily email update from globalCOAL on coal prices and market activity delivered to your inbox.

Historical Data

The Coal Market Report includes access to 16 years of historical index data for Newcastle, DES ARA and Richards Bay

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