ICE Coal Futures Monthly Report

The ICE Coal Futures market is our most transparent window on the world of financial coal trading. This free monthly report analyses volume and price trends on a monthly basis to help you draw a picture of market development.

Coal Futures Monthly Report

Issue No. 114    Date: Jul 2018

July Market Highlights

  • July was a volatile month for the ICE Coal Futures Cal’19 contract, which reached a multi-year Y+1 record at all three main hubs before climbing down again
  • The Rotterdam Cal’19 contract closed the month at $86.40/mt (down $3.06/mt on June), Newcastle at $97.40/mt (up $0.05/mt) and Richards Bay at $93.47/mt (down $1.99/mt)
  • All three spreads remained firmly in negative territory
  • Freight prices rose over the period, with the C5 M+1 contract gaining $1/mt over the course of july, and the C4 $0.72/mt
  • The overall volume of coal cleared at ICE remained above 100Mt in July, despite the effect of the summer season
  • However, the volume of ICE gC NEWC Coal Futures – with 13Mt cleared – was at a 7-month low

ICE Coal Futures Price Trend (Cal 2019)

ICE Coal Futures Spreads (Cal 2019)

ICE Coal Futures Volatility*

* Historical 30-Day Annualised Volatility is calculated by taking the standard deviation of the last 30 days' natural logarithm of daily percentage change in the price of the Cal+1 contract, and annualising it by multiplying it by the square root of 252 (as the number of trading days in the year).

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