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New Market Member joins globalCOAL


Peabody COALTRADE Asia Pte. Ltd. is the latest company to join the globalCOAL trading platform.

While Peabody Coaltrade International Limited, a UK subsidiary, is an established globalCOAL Market Member, now Peabody’s Asian entity is joining the globalCOAL community as they expand their operations in the Asia Pacific area.

Peabody is one of the largest coal producers in the world and has a vast global presence serving customers in nearly 30 countries.

“I am pleased to welcome Peabody COALTRADE Asia Pte. Ltd. as a globalCOAL market member” said Eoghan Cunningham, globalCOAL CEO. “Their decision to join the growing ranks of Asian members is further proof of just how influential the Pacific Asian market has become”.

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