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globalCOAL welcomes new Market Members from Germany and India


Two new Market Members have today joined the globalCOAL online coal trading platform. 

Hanseatic Coal and Coke Trading GmbH is a privately owned German company specialising in the international trade of solid fuels such as thermal and coking coal, anthracite and biomass. They have close partnerships with power generation, steel, cement and paper industries.   

K.I. (International) Limited, based in Chennai, India, is responsible for the international trading operations of the Indian steel manufacturer and power utility Kamachi Group.

“We are delighted to welcome these new members into the globalCOAL trading community,” said globalCOAL’s Head of Front Office, Tracy Vowel. “Coal continues to play an important role in the energy mix of Germany, Europe’s biggest power market. Meanwhile, India is increasingly reliant on imported coal to satisfy its burgeoning energy needs.  We look forward to introducing both of these members to new trading partners around the world.”  

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