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After more than 15 years working in partnership with market participants, we have a clear understanding of market needs. That's why we're offering you these complimentary tools; we hope they'll help make your day run a little smoother.

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What's on offer?

Free Coal Prices

for the South African, European and Indonesian markets.

ICE Coal Futures Prices

View daily settlement prices for the most liquid ICE Coal Futures contracts.

Thermal Coal Calculator

Calculate basis and calorific coal conversions with this handy tool.
You can also convert between different energy units and imperial / metric measurements.

Met Coal Calculators

Two unique calculators for the met coal market:

  • Calculate the final price of coal delivered after load port analysis
  • Calculate CSR of HCCA Coal

Market News & Events

  • Follow the latest industry news, updated regularly here
  • Never miss a major coal market industry event, you'll find them listed here

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