About the company

Welcome to globalCOAL

As the world's leading online physical coal trading platform, we pride ourselves on anticipating and responding to market needs. We support the industry by creating new tools which encourage liquidity and help market participants effectively manage their risk.

How have we achieved this?

  • We provide the tools for market development. Our standard contract, SCoTA, and our online trading platform have fostered the growth of a liquid traded market for physical thermal coal.
  • We support market transparency. Transparency is key for us, so we communicate all trading data to the market. This has facilitated the development of reliable indices for price discovery – including globalCOAL's own NEWC Index.

Our achievements so far have been underpinned by a great team of enthusiastic experts whose deep knowledge of the international coal market is a fantastic asset. Our continuous challenge for the future is to build on this solid track record. We are motivated by the challenges ahead and look forward to working in partnership with the coal industry to find new ways to deliver value.

Values and vision

We have a strong culture which helps us attract and retain skilled and motivated professionals. This culture is built upon our core globalCOAL values:

  • Integrity and personal responsibility in all our relationships
  • Close collaboration with the globalCOAL trading community
  • Neutrality, favouring neither producer, consumer nor trader
  • Dedication to innovation which draws on our expertise to benefit the market
  • Commitment to transparency, by sharing accurate, reliable price information with the market


globalCOAL is backed by some of the world's leading coal market participants.