Coal Market News

Coal records 10.2% growth among eight key infra sectors in May

12 Jul 2024 | Source: Helling Shipping News Worldwide

The coal sector has demonstrated growth of 10.2% (provisional), following the electricty indutrsy among eight core industries for the month of May, 2024 as per the Index of Eight Core Industries (ICI) (Base Year 2011-12&....

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International coal prices continue upward trend

16 Apr 2024 | Source: The Coal Hub

The thermal coal market continues to be influenced by the supply disruption stemming from the bridge collapse in Baltimore, USA, which occurred two weeks ago. This disruption is driving up prices for coal from the USA and South Africa. Meanwhile, Rus....

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What’s next for Australian coal?

09 Apr 2024 | Source: Australian Mining

The global appetite for coal grew eight per cent in 2023, but global conditions and volatile weather patterns are setting an uncertain stage for the commodity. Australian Mining investigates. The Federal Government’....

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Domestic coal market sees no immediate impact from Port of Baltimore closure

09 Apr 2024 | Source: SP Global

The closure of the Port of Baltimore following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge has temporarily halted all shipping traffic, including about 28% of US coal exports, the US Energy Information Administration said March 28. &#x....

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ICE working on nickel derivatives with new trading platform

27 Mar 2024 | Source: FOW

Intercontinental Exchange is working on nickel derivatives contracts, making the US group the first major exchange to move on nickel since the London Metal Exchange suspended trading in that metal two years ago. ICE said it is work....

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Global Commodities Holdings to work with ICE to create nickel contract

27 Mar 2024 | Source: Reuters

LONDON, March 27 (Reuters) - UK-based Global Commodities Holdings Ltd (GCHL) will launch its physical metals platform next month starting with nickel which will be traded for delivery in locations from Baltimore to Yokohama, the c....

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Indonesia approves 2024 coal production quota of 922 mil mt: ministry

22 Mar 2024 | Source: SP Global

The Indonesian government has approved 922.14 million mt of coal production quota, popularly known as RKAB, for 2024, up nearly 30% from the targeted volume, the Energy and Mineral Resources ministry said in a statement March 20. &....

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Russian coal export supplies and production decline

06 Mar 2024 | Source: Coal Hub

In 2023 – early 2024, Russian coal producers continue to face challenges and unfavorable factors, including: falling global prices, higher railway tariffs and transshipment rates in ports, as well as logistical issues, resulting from limit....

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Japan sees potential for increased summer power demand

23 Feb 2024 | Source: Argus Media

Reduced nuclear availability and firm electricity demand in Japan is lifting the potential for increased consumption of thermal power generation fuels this summer. The Japan Meteorological Agency forecasts a 50-70pc probability of ....

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Cokal ramps up coal production

21 Feb 2024 | Source: Australian Mining

Australian-based coal miner Cokal will up metallurgical coal production at its Bumi Barito mine in Indonesia upon completion of an upgraded haul road. Cokal reported that while the current condition of the haul road can s....

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