Trading with globalCOAL

globalCOAL provides the world's most comprehensive suite of physical coal contracts available to trade online.

Liquidity in the thermal coal markets is concentrated around three key hubs:

Contracts include:

  • Phys NEWC
  • Phys NEWC Index

Contracts include:

  • Phys RB
  • Phys API#4

Contracts include:

  • Phys DES ARA
  • Phys API#2 Index

Full list of products available to trade on globalCOAL

Thermal Coal

  • ARA
  • NEWC
  • NCIG
  • High Ash Australia
  • RB1
  • RB2
  • RB2 5700
  • RB3
  • CFR South China 5500
  • CFR South China 6000
  • CFR Krishnapatnam 5500
  • CFR Krishnapatnam 6000

Metallurgical Coal

  • HCCA FOB Australia Metallurgical Coal

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Shape the future of our Standard Contract, SCoTA

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