Our Licensing Model

globalCOAL publishes key coal market benchmarks as well as other pricing data essential to participants in the coal and energy sectors.

Our pricing data is licensed based on a simple and transparent model that reflects our clients' needs. We offer a number of different subscription options, and licences are structured depending on how the data is used within your company.

Types of usage covered include

Use in Physical and Financial Contracts

Settlement basis or reference price in supply/procurement or derivative contracts

Market Analysis & Reporting

From pre-trade analytics to the analysis of historical pricing trends, correlations, price forecasting, and more...

Mark to Market &
P&L Reporting

Marking assets and liabilities against reliable daily pricing points and calculating profit and loss

Strategy & Planning

Asset valuation, strategy testing, internal transfer pricing, management reporting, and more...

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Access to data

We provide a range of delivery methods to suit your needs. From daily emails through to SFTP integration, we ensure that you receive your pricing information in the most useful way possible.

Delivery methods include:

Coal Market
Report Daily


Channel Partners


gC Analysis

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