The NEWC Index

The NEWC Index is the benchmark price for seaborne
thermal coal in the Asia-Pacific region

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Transparent, objective pricing

The NEWC Index is the main price reference for physical coal contracts in Asia

The NEWC Index is the settlement price for a significant volume of index-linked contracts – from Australia and Indonesia to Japan and India

The NEWC Index is the settlement basis for ICE's globalCOAL Newcastle Coal Futures, thereby pricing the vast majority of coal derivatives in Asia

The strengths of the NEWC Index

Reliable, comparable inputs

All inputs into the NEWC Index are actual transactions and firm bids & offers from globalCOAL's online trading screen
No hearsay, no selective reporting, no normalisation

Objective and transparent

The NEWC Index is a pure calculation, available in full and in realtime
No journalistic intervention, no black-box


By bidding, offering and trading on the platform, stakeholders participate directly in index formation
Market participants become price makers – not price takers

Resources: NEWC Index methodology   |   Publication Calendar   |   Index Governance

Who uses the NEWC Index?

Join hundreds of coal producers, coal traders, power generators, banks, regulators, governmental organisations, cement manufacturers and other industrial coal consumers in trusting the NEWC index as a reliable, flexible coal pricing reference.

Market participants across Asia and the rest of the world use the NEWC Index in pricing physical contracts, in pre-trade analytics, for mark-to-market, in risk analysis, in operational decision-making for managements reporting, and much more.

Accessing the NEWC Index

globalCOAL can provide access to the NEWC Index in the way that suits you best – from daily email reports to full integration with your back-office systems.

Delivery methods include:

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