The Delayed Price Feed - User Guide

This practical online tool shows actual bids and offers for physical and financial thermal coal contracts at the world's major coal trading hubs with a one hour time delay.

All firm bids and offers on the physical and financial coal markets are on view, including: ARA in Europe, Richards Bay in South Africa, Newcastle in Australia.

The Main Screen

The Delayed Price Feed presents bids and offers for standard coal contracts as posted on the globalCOAL trading screen, with a one-hour time delay.

All contracts are arranged by hub:

  • ARA: Thermal coal delivered at the NW European ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Antwerp ('DES ARA')
  • INDO: 3,800 kcal/kg NCV thermal coal delivered FOB Kalimantan
  • Metallurgical: High quality, mid-vol hard coking coal delivered FOB Australia ('HCCA') and premium low volatile coking coal delivered FOB Australia (HCCLV)

The delivery periods are listed on the left of the table. The most liquid periods are displayed as default (prompt 4 months, 4 quarters and 2 cals). Should there be a price outside of these default periods, an additional line will be displayed on the table.

The Delayed Price Feed will automatically refresh at each quarter of the hour. You can turn off this feature by using the auto-refresh toggle above the screen.

Customising your screen

The "My Markets" tab allows you to select the contracts of most interest to you, and order them according to your own preferences.

Click on the "Edit" button, and you will be prompted to pick which contracts you would like to include in your shortlist. All contracts are listed by hub. Move the contracts up and down the list to re-order them.

The system will remember your preferences for your next visit.

Trade and price notifications

You can register to receive email notifications when trades are executed and/or when new prices are posted on the Delayed Price Feed.

All notifications are subject to a one-hour delay versus globalCOAL's realtime coal trading screen.

You can select for which products you would like to receive notifications, and you can unsubscribe from any of these notifications at any time.

Search for prices posted in the last 12 hours

Liquidity on the trading screen varies throughout the day, and some markets are more active at certain times.

This valuable search function enables you to view all bids and offers displayed on the Delayed Price Feed in the previous 12 hours. Against each price, you'll see the delivery period and tonnage, along with the date / time at which the price was posted and its longevity on screen.

Click on "Download all hub data" to generate an Excel spreadsheet containing all prices in that hub.

Simply select your hub to see all prices in the associated contracts. You can also refine your search to include fixed-price or index-linked contracts only, or choose to display the date/time in a different timezone.

Please take note of the following:

  • These tables list bids and offers that appeared on the Delayed Price Feed screen in the previous 12 hours
  • Date / Time displays the actual time at which the bid or offer was posted on the globalCOAL trading screen
  • All Date / Time are displayed as GMT or in the timezone selected
  • Duration is rounded up (or down) to the nearest minute. Prices posted for less than 60 seconds are marked as <1m
  • Bids and offers with a duration shown as N/A were still active on the Delayed Price Screen at the time of the query

Transactions on the globalCOAL trading platform

A list of the most recent transactions on the globalCOAL trading platform – excluding those executed in the last hour – is also provided as part of your Delayed Price Feed service.

Filter the trades by hub by clicking on the product tabs.

Transaction Date / Time is the actual time at which the transaction was executed on the globalCOAL trading screen.

Date / Time is displayed as GMT, or in the timezone selected.

Help and support

Do you have any questions on the contents or functionality of the Delayed Price Feed? Schedule a call with a member of our team.