Delayed Price Feed

Direct online access to bids, offers and trades
on the globalCOAL platform, time delayed by 1 hour

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The right data, at the right time for you

Effective market-watch

The Delayed Price Feed is a convenient, easy-to-use tool for those looking to keep abreast of intra-day market price movements

Make informed decisions

Access to near-time pricing from the world's largest online coal marketplace helps you make informed business decisions with confidence

Tailored to your needs

Custom-build your feed to show your preferred thermal and met coal markets. You can also look back at trades, bids and offers posted over the previous 12 hours

Your Delayed Price Feed features

Near-time view of globalCOAL screen

View best bids / offers and trades on the globalCOAL screen, time delayed by 1 hour

Thermal and Met coal markets

Watch market activity for the 3 major thermal hubs: Newcastle, ARA and Richards Bay and HCCA metallurgical coal

See what you've missed

View all bid/offer activity in any product, in the last 12 hours

Personalise your feed

Set up your landing screen to display the markets that matter most to you

Plus, lots of free extras

Daily Coal Market Reports

globalCOAL's daily Coal Market Report is bundled with your subscription.

Historical Coal Indices

Download 20+ years of historical index data for Newcastle, DES ARA and Richards Bay

Historical Trade data

View and download all transactions ever executed on the globalCOAL platform since 2001

Analytical Tools

Unlock more insight by plotting globalCOAL prices against related market data using our smart analysis tools

Would you like to find out more?

Have a look at our Delayed Price Feed User Guide to see more about the service's features

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