Delayed Price Feed

Direct online access to bids, offers and trades on the globalCOAL platform, time delayed by 1 hour.


The right data, at the right time for you

Cost effective market-watch

The Delayed Price Feed is an affordable tool for those looking to keep abreast of intra-day market price movements

Make informed decisions

Access to near-time pricing from the world's largest online coal marketplace helps you make informed business decisions with confidence

Tailored to your needs

Custom-build your feed to show your preferred thermal and met coal markets. You can also look back at trades, bids and offers posted over the previous 12 hours

Your Delayed Price Feed features

Near-time view of globalCOAL screen

View best bids / offers and trades on the globalCOAL screen, time delayed by 1 hour

Thermal and Met coal markets

Watch market activity at all major thermal coal trading hubs – Newcastle, ARA, Richards Bay and Indo – plus the HCCA metallurgical coal market.

Time machine

View and/or download all bids and offers posted to the screen in the last 12 hours

Multiple accounts

Up to 3 accounts included as standard.

Plus, lots of free extras

Daily Coal Market Reports

globalCOAL's daily Coal Market Report is bundled with your subscription.

Historical Index & Trade data

Download up to 17 years of historical index and trade data for Newcastle, DES ARA and Richards Bay.

Price and Trade Alerts

Be notified when trades occur or new bids and offers are posted.

Analytical Tools

Unlock more insight by plotting globalCOAL prices against related market data using our smart analysis tools.

Or upgrade to unlock even more time-critical price information

Live Prices

globalCOAL Market Members benefit from the most up-to-date view of market sentiment, with instant access to live bids, offers and trades on the trading screen.

Index Calculator

Members can see at a glance what bids / offers and trades are contributing to the calculation of gC NEWC Index.

Customise your subscription

Subscription Details

3 DPF Users

1 year subscription

Payment method


*VAT will apply to purchases made in the UK. VAT will also apply to purchases made in other EU states unless a valid VAT number is provided.

The globalCOAL NEWC index is one of the key benchmarks we look at; it provides the information we need for effective coal trading and to forecast project feasibility.

Ade Candra, Manager Business Development: PT Pamapersada Nusantara