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How does online coal trading work?

All bids and offers on the screen are for a standardised quality of coals, with standardised delivery terms, so prices are fully comparable

Prices are firm, and visible to the entire market. When a trade is executed, email/SMS alerts disclose product, price, tonnage and delivery period (but not counterparty names)

Pricing points generated by trading activity feeds into price benchmarks - including globalCOAL's NEWC Index

What can you trade?

Thermal Coal

Physical and financial contracts for the world's most active coal trading hubs, including Newcastle in Australia, Richards Bay in South Africa, INDO 3800 in Indonesia and DES ARA in Europe

Metallurgical Coal

Contracts for physical branded and unbranded premium mid-volatile Australian met coal and branded premium low-volatile met coal

Benefits of globalCOAL Market Membership

Efficient Route to International Coal Markets

The globalCOAL trading platform provides quick, efficient access to the world's most comprehensive suite of standardised coal contracts.

Access Transparent Prices in Real-time

Price and volume of all firm bids, offers and trades are communicated in real-time to Market Members, giving you unparalleled insight into live market conditions.

Shape the future of our standard contract, SCoTA

Market Members are invited to participate in the revision process for our Standard Coal Trading Agreement, SCoTA. As a result, SCoTA is truly reflective of market needs.

Participate in the formation of index prices

globalCOAL indices are calculated from actual bids, offers and trades posted on our platform. By actively participating in the market, you play a part in determining index prices.

Expert broker support

globalCOAL's knowledgeable team of international coal market experts are on hand to support trading activity. Based in London and Singapore, they bring parties together and help facilitate trades.

View real-time calculation of globalCOAL indices

Our transparent index calculator tool helps you see at a glance what bids, offers and trades are contributing to the index calculation at any given time.

Additional resources

Try our frequently asked questions for more information on trading on the globalCOAL platform.

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