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As a Market Member, you have live access to bids, offers and trades on the globalCOAL platform

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Live thermal and metallurgical prices on the globalCOAL trading screen

View transparent prices in real-time

Price and volume of all firm bids, offers and trades are communicated in real-time to Market Members, on screen and via SMS/email.

Negotiate deals with confidence

Access to the world's largest online coal marketplace gives you the insight you need to make informed business decisions.

View live calculation of globalCOAL indices

Our index calculator tool helps you see at a glance what bids / offers and trades are contributing to the index calculation at any given time.

Benefits of globalCOAL's real-time price feed

The world's most liquid coal contracts

View fixed price and index-linked markets for the most liquid seaborne thermal and metallurgical coal contracts, including: Newcastle, Richards Bay, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and HCCA Met coal

Shape the future of our standard contract, SCoTA

Market Members are invited to participate in the revision process for our Standard Coal Trading Agreement, SCoTA. As a result, SCoTA is truly reflective of market needs.

The right data for your entire team

Membership includes three accounts to access the globalCOAL trading platform.

Trading desk and support staff also benefit from unlimited access to our daily Coal Market Report and useful online analysis tools

Expert broker support

globalCOAL's knowledgeable team of international coal market experts are on hand to support trading activity. Based in London, Singapore and India, they bring parties together and help facilitate trades.

Networking events

Join our popular private Market Member dinners to meet potential new trading partners and clients.

Member-only discounts

Members can also take advantage of discounted rates for our well-attended SCoTA training courses.

You also gain access to these free extras...

Daily Coal Market Reports

Unlimited enterprise-wide access to our daily snapshot of all market activity

Historical coal Indices

Download up to 16 years of historical index data for Newcastle, DES ARA and Richards Bay.

Historical trade data

View and download all transactions ever executed on the globalCOAL platform since 2001.

Analytical Tools

Unlock more insight by plotting globalCOAL prices against related market data using our smart analysis tools.

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