Sample Coal Market Report

Coal Market Report

Friday, 24 May 2019
Daily Coal Indices
Product Week TD Daily % Ch Month TD Daily % Ch Best Index Bid Best Index Offer
NEWC 81.060.14 %84.270.04 %81.7581.50
DES ARA 56.53-1.10 %58.46-0.27 %52.0056.00
RB 62.520.22 %67.730.04 %64.2062.00

Market Overview
The coal market saw a quiet end to an already lacklustre week's trading. Futures lost around $0.70 in early trading and never looked like recovering, leaving the benchmark Cal'20 API#2 contract down at $67.00/mt. What action there is in the physical market was centred on the FOB Newcastle hub where prompt prices remain stubbornly above $80/mt compared to delivered cargoes being offered into Europe in the mid-$50s/mt range. Elsewhere, bearish sentiment reigns supreme across the rest of the European energy complex with gas, power, carbon and oil markets all losing value and front-month Brent slipping $0.60 to sit at $67.45/bbl near close of play.

From the Asian Desk
The NEWC market did not see much change on values today though we did register one screen transaction. Aug19 traded at $81.00/mt in 25kt, same as last done, and the month was offered at $81.75/mt on the follow. July19 was inverted by $0.25/mt on size with a bid at $81.75/mt in 25k on screen while offered in 75ktND, before the bid pulled. In the HA Aus HA5500 market, buying interest for Jun19 loading cape size cargos was seen at $57.00/mt FOB level. The Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) main contract 1909 decreased by 4.0 CNY($0.58) to close at 589.6 CNY ($85.20). The vessel queue at PWCS currently stands at 4, while the turnaround time is at 1.9 days.

From the Met Desk
The week ended quietly with the market framed by a June Branded offer at $205.0 and an August Branded bid at $198.0. The offer level drifted lower over the week attracting a best bid of $203.0 for July delivery yesterday, but still no traded level was found as the FOB market continued to drift.

globalCOAL Thermal Coal Trades this Week
  Product Expiry Price Volume Origin Delivery Point Add.Terms
22/May/2019Phys NEWC (FOB Newcastle)Aug'19$ 81.0025,000  ND 
24/May/2019Phys NEWC (FOB Newcastle)Aug'19$ 81.0025,000   

globalCOAL Metallurgical Coal Trades this Week
  Product Expiry Price Volume Add.Terms
No Trade

Recent Coal Indices
Weekly 26 Apr 03 May 10 May 17 May 24 May
DES ARA59.3058.3859.9658.9756.53
RB 68.9870.2572.0266.1462.52
globalCOAL Indices: Last 3 months (US$)
Monthly Dec 18 Jan 19 Feb 19 Mar 19 Apr 19
DES ARA87.1181.9873.1468.5459.61
globalCOAL Weekly Indices: Last 12 Months

Coal Forward Prices
Representing best bids / best offers on the globalCOAL Platform Between 00:00 and 18:00 Local London Time
  Phys NEWC Phys NEWC Index    
  Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid
Q4'19   -1.10--      
  Phys DES ARA Phys API#2 Index Phys ARA 5700 (DES)  
  Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid
  Phys RB Phys RB Index PHYS API#4 INDEX  
  Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid
  Phys HCCA Branded Div (FOB Aus) Phys HCCA Branded ND (FOB Aus) Phys HCCA (FOB Aus)  
  Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid
Jun'19   -205.00-      
Aug'19   198.00--      

globalCOAL 6000 Physical Curves: Fixed Price
  Phys NEWC Phys ARA (DES) Phys RB
6000 Physical Curves: Fixed Price
   Phys NEWC  Phys ARA (DES)  Phys RB1
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globalCOAL 6000 Physical Curves: Index-Linked
  Phys NEWC Index Phys API#2 Index (DES) Phys gC RB Index
6000 Physical Curves: Index-Linked
   Phys NEWC Index  Phys API2# Index (DES)  Phys gC RB Index
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gC NEWC Futures Curve
  Bid Offer Mid Change
gC NEWC Futures Curve (Mid-Point)
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globalCOAL 5500 Physical Curves: Fixed Price
  Phys HA Aus Phys CFR Kemen/Liuheng
5500 Physical Curves: Fixed Price
     Phys HA Aus  Phys CFR Kemen/Liuheng
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globalCOAL 5500 Physical Curves: Index-Linked
  Phys NEWC Index (HA Aus) Phys API#5 Index (HA Aus)
5500 Physical Curves: Index-Linked
   Phys NEWC Index (HA Aus)  Phys API#5 Index (HA Aus)
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globalCOAL 4200 Physical Curves: Fixed Price
  Phys INDO 4200
4200 Physical Curves: Fixed Price
     Phys INDO 4200
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globalCOAL Met Coal Curves: Fixed Price
  Phys HCCA Phys HCCA Branded
Met Coal Curves: Fixed Price
     Phys HCCA  Phys HCCA Branded
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Freight Forward Prices
  RB - Rott Bol - Rott C5
  Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid Bid Offer Mid
May 195.606.105.857.808.208.006.506.856.68
Jun 196.256.756.508.308.608.456.907.107.00
Jul 196.406.956.688.408.708.557.007.257.13
Q3 196.807.457.138.609.008.807.007.307.15
Q4 199.009.559.2810.6011.1010.858.008.208.10
Source: SSY (Capesize Coal FFA Market Prices)

PWCS Vessel Queue
  Ships Off Port Av. Queue Days
15 May12.10
16 May22.10
17 May22.00
20 May22.00
21 May02.00
22 May01.90
23 May21.90
24 May41.90
Ships Waiting Off Port at PWCS
Source: HVCCC

Energy Market Data
  Unit Price US$ / GJ Equiv US$ / MMBtu US$ / MWh Equiv
DES ARA (1)US$ / mt56.532.252.388.11
RB (1) + PM Freight RB-Rott (2)US$ / mt68.372.722.879.80
NBP Gas - Front Month (3)p / th30.203.643.8413.09
TTF Gas PM (3)EUR / MWh12.251.471.565.31
ICE Gas Oil PM (3)US$ / mt604.7514.0614.4749.38
ICE Brent PM (3)US$ /barrel68.0111.1111.7340.02
UK Baseload Power PM (3) GBP / MWh40.9214.4415.2351.97
German Baseload Power PM (3)EUR / MWh37.3311.6512.2941.94
EUA Spot (3)EUR / t25.46
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UK Clean Power Spread Prices
   UK Clean Dark Spread  UK Clean Spark Spread
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ICE Futures Oil and Gas Daily Settlement Prices PM
   PM NBP Gas Futures (p / th)    PM Brent Futures (US$ / barrel)

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