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Which closing curves does globalCOAL provide?

High CV Physical Thermal Coal Closing Curves

Prompt 4 months, 4 quarters and 2 cals

  • Phys NEWC
  • Phys NEWC Index
  • Phys ARA (DES)
  • Phys API2 Index (DES)
  • Phys RB1
  • Phys gC RB Index

Lower CV Physical Thermal Coal Closing Curves

Prompt 4 months and 2 quarters

  • Phys HA Aus
  • Phys NEWC Index (HA Aus)
  • Phys API5 Index (HA Aus)
  • Phys CFR Kemen/Liuheng
  • Phys INDO 3800

Phys Met Coal Closing Curves

Prompt 4 months

  • Phys HCCA
  • Phys HCCA Branded
  • Phys HCCLV
  • Phys PCIA

Financial Coal Closing Curves

Prompt 4 months, 4 quarters and 2 cals

  • gC NEWC Futures Curve
    (formerly Swap NEWC)
  • ICE Coal Futures including ICE Rotterdam, ICE Richards Bay, ICE gC NEWC and ICE gC RB*

* Prompt 2 months, 4 quarters and 4 cals

The curves contained here are published as a snapshot of the market at the end of the business day, Singapore time. globalCOAL provides this information for indicative purposes only and cannot guarantee its accuracy. Whilst globalCOAL endeavours to provide accurate information, we do not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any of the information contained herein and cannot be held liable for any loss or damage howsoever arising from any use or reliance on this information.

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