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Daily Prices

Review of the day’s market prices and trading activity, as well as expert insight from our brokers.

per year

  • Daily indices for the world’s most liquid trading hubs: NEWC, DES ARA and RB
  • Insightful market commentary from our well-informed brokers
  • Full index and trade data history with our standard subscription

Hourly Prices

A view of the best bids and offers on the globalCOAL screen, time-delayed by one hour.

per year

  • Cost effective online tool to keep abreast of market prices throughout the days
  • View bids and offers posted on the globalCOAL trading platform, time-delayed by one hour
  • Look back at prices posted on the globalCOAL screen over the previous 12 hours
  • All the benefits of the Daily Report included as standard

Live Prices

View live bids, offers and transactions in the coal market’s most liquid hubs in realtime.

Standard Membership
per year

  • Flexible packages available
  • View bids, offers and trades as they happen on the globalCOAL trading platform
  • Access the globalCOAL Index Calculator for a fully transparent view of the indices’ inputs and outputs
  • Avail of a wealth of historical coal index and trade data
  • All the benefits of the Daily Report included as standard

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Historical Indices

Complete history for globalCOAL's NEWC, RB and DES ARA.

Perfect for consultants or market participants looking for an affordable, reliable prices series.

Prices start at

Thomson Reuters

Blend Reuters’ powerful analytics capabilities with globalCOAL price data

Looking for true insight into market trends? Plot coal prices against key markets such as oil, gas, freight and emissions on your Reuters desktop.

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Trade using the world's leading coal trading contract.

All commercial terms defined, enabling market participants to focus trading on price and volume

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globalCOAL is the world's leading online physical coal trading platform.

We provide objective and transparent market data, so you can trust globalCOAL’s insights.

The globalCOAL community contains over 170 international consumers, producers and traders of coal.

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