Market Round Up

A daily, concentrated snapshot of activity in the international
coal market, from our physical coal market experts

globalCOAL's Market Round-Up includes

Broker Analysis

Our European, Asian and met coal market experts review the day's trading session and analyse coal price movement in context of the wider energy markets

Trades this week

See all the deals done on the globalCOAL platform, including price, product, tonnage and delivery period

Today's best bids and offers

Best bids and best offers in each of globalCOAL's online markets, across the forward curve

And much more...

Our market round-up forms part of our Coal Market Report data which includes globalCOAL's indices, closing curves and much more

See it in action

View an example of globalCOAL's market round-up in a sample copy of the Coal Market Report

Accessing globalCOAL's Market Round-Up

globalCOAL can provide access to its coal market data in the way that suits you best – from daily email reports to full integration with your back-office systems.

Delivery methods include:

Daily Email

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Website Access

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