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As a globalCOAL Market Member, you join a steadily growing community of international coal producers, consumers and traders.

Our trading platform is a quick, efficient and anonymous route to global physical coal markets. But there are many more benefits to globalCOAL Market Membership.

Joining globalCOAL as a Market Member couldn't be easier. Simply follow the 4 steps below to join the world's largest online coal trading community.

Four steps to join globalCOAL

1 Documentation

Review membership documentation, sign and return to globalCOAL

2 Set up your account

Assign Trader and View-only accounts to your team members via the globalCOAL Market Member portal.

3 Credit agreements

Establish counterparty credit with other Market Members and register it through our online credit management tool.

4 Start trading

Install the trading platform software and start trading.

Welcome to globalCOAL's trading community

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