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globalCOAL welcomes its 100th Market Member



Seoul-based utility Korea East West Power Co., Ltd. today became the 100th Market Member to join the globalCOAL® trading community.


“This is an exciting milestone for us”, declared Patrick Markey of globalCOAL in Singapore, “and one that truly symbolizes globalCOAL’s ever-expanding reach across the world’s major coal producing and consuming nations. globalCOAL has grown tremendously from a mere 50 members in early 2006 to today’s 100, and we are delighted to see that a significant proportion of that growth continues to stem from the Asian-Pacific region.”


A wholly-owned subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Korea East West Power operates six power plants and accounts for 13.1% of Korea's power generation capacity. The company runs a total of 37 power units, twelve of which are coal-fired.


Korea East West Power is the first Korean power utility to subscribe with globalCOAL, and it joins LG International Corp. as globalCOAL's second Korea-based Market Member.


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