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Coal India Ltd joins globalCOAL

LONDON AND SINGAPORE – 08 October 2013

globalCOAL® announced today that Coal India Ltd has joined its online coal trading platform.

Headquartered in Kolkata, Coal India Ltd is the single largest coal producer in the world. It extracts more than 80% of all the coal produced in India and accounts for 76% of the feedstock for the country’s total thermal power generation. In addition to its Indian activities, it is also exploiting coalfields in Mozambique

“Coal India is the behemoth of the Indian coal sector, and the first state-owned Indian company to join our trading community”, comments Ajay Baral, Market Manager for globalCOAL. “Its participation on the platform hints at India’s growing integration into the world coal market and hopefully heralds a new way of doing business for its coal producers, consumers and traders alike.”

globalCOAL now counts 13 Indian companies in its membership, with Coal India, Rudhra Minerals, Knowledge Infrastructure Systems, Alsaa Petroleum & Shipping, MCS Holdings and OPG Power Generation all joining in 2013.

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