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globalCOAL Introduces Two New Contracts to its Online Trading Platform



globalCOAL® announced today that two new contracts are now available to trade on its online platform:

  • Phys RB2 5700 (FOB RBCT) will sit alongside Phys RB1.
  • A related index-linked contract, the Phys RB2 5700 Index, index linked to the API 4® Index, as published by Argus Media Ltd and IHS Markit in the Argus/McCloskey’s Coal Price Index Report.

To review the product specification for RB2 5700 (FOB RBCT) please click here then select to view RB2 5700 in the Quick Links:

The addition of the contracts to the globalCOAL trading screen, which went live on October 17, came about following feedback from globalCOAL Market Members that they would like the opportunity to trade these products on screen alongside existing contracts.

 “We are already seeing interest in both contracts,” said Tracy Vowel, Head of Front Office at globalCOAL.  “We are pleased to have been able to respond to Market Member feedback and continue to develop the range of contracts available on the trading screen, as well as other products and services to suit the interests of the Market.”




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