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TNB Fuel Services Sdn. Bhd. joins globalCOAL


globalCOAL® announced today that TNB Fuel Services Sdn. Bhd. has joined its international trading community.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, TNB Fuel Services Sdn. Bhd., (TNBF), is one of the largest coal importers in South East Asia. A 100% owned subsidiary of TNB, TNBF procures coal via a number of agreements from producers in Indonesia, Australia, South Africa and Russia.  TNBF purchases and supplies fuel and coal for power generation to TNB’s group of companies as well as independent power producers (IPPs) who are in a power purchase agreement with TNB.

“We are delighted to welcome TNB Fuel Services Sdn. Bhd. to our trading community.” said Richard Richardson, Head of Asia at globalCOAL.  “Access to the globalCOAL trading platform will not only enable TNBF to procure coal with flexibility, but to connect and collaborate with Market Members worldwide.”



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