2023 Press Releases

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Secure Your Spot in the Future of Nickel Trading!

Global Commodities Holdings Limited is gearing up to launch its ground-breaking physical trading platform for Class 1 nickel, and we are inviting industry leaders to join us on this journey before the official go-live.

London 13th November 2023: We are thrilled to provide an update that Global Commodities Holdings Limited is on the verge of introducing its highly anticipated physical trading platform for Class 1 nickel. The platform is poised to redefine the nickel market by providing a dynamic space for buyers and sellers to engage in transactions involving multiple origins of nickel cathodes, briquettes, powder, pellets, and rounds on a CIF basis. The delivery destinations span from Baltimore in the West to Yokohama in the East, and notably including Shanghai.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Trading Opportunities: Our platform facilitates seamless transactions, forming physical indices calculated from bids, offers, and on-screen transactions. In turn these physical indices will play a pivotal role in providing a robust hedging tool and opportunities for effective price risk management through a futures exchange.
  2. Exclusive Participation: Only participants committed to making or taking delivery of physical nickel will influence the formation of the physical settlement price. This exclusivity ensures that the physical industry guides the price formation process, safeguarding against speculative or algorithmic interference.
  3. Transparent Value Reflection: Bid for specific origins and destination points for specific standardised products on standardised trading terms and conditions. Anonymised bids and offers (until the point of transaction) promote transparency and fairness, ensuring indices reflect the true value of goods.
  4. Industry Control: Our platform empowers the physical industry to regain control of price formation, reflecting the dynamics of the physical nickel market accurately.
  5. Regulated and Robust: Registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an authorised Benchmark Administrator, all our indices and associated markets adhere to IOSCO principles and our practises are routinely and independently audited to ensure their compliance. Our financial brokerage activities are authorised by both the FCA and the US National Futures Agency (NFA) which gives confidence in our markets and their operation. Global Commodities Holdings Limited prioritises adherence to regulations, ensuring a compliant and orderly marketplace, robust index methodologies, and transparent data and indices. Prospective members undergo thorough regulatory and KYC checks before gaining approval for Membership.
  6. Select Your Trading Counterparties: Each member approves its counterparties from the list of members, ensuring on-screen transactions only with approved entities, providing reassurance through a meticulous KYC process.
  7. Financial Trading Opportunities: Whilst our platform focusses only on the physical market participants, financial trading opportunities will be available on a regulated futures exchange, creating a balanced ecosystem for both the physical industry and financial markets.
  8. Decoupling Price Discovery: Our goal is to decouple physical price discovery from financial markets, fostering a pricing environment that mirrors the true dynamics of the physical nickel market.
  9. Proven Methodology: Our platform and methodology for price discovery works. Since 2001 our globalCOAL platform has provided industry benchmarks for the seaborne thermal and metallurgical coal markets; a standardised trading agreement, standardised coal specifications, a transparent trading platform and an objective index methodology, have resulted in robust, reliable coal indices and a highly liquid futures market. To be licensed to view and use GCHL’s STA-M (Standard Trading Agreement for Metals) and the on-screen tradeable Transaction Specifications for Nickel, you can apply for the licence here: https://www.globalcommoditiesholdings.com/public/Metal/Nickel/CommodityTradingContract/Applyformetalslicence.cfm 


Ready for Launch:

Leading industry players have already signed up, completed KYC checks, and are poised to be part of this transformative platform. Pending a few more applications, we are gearing up for the imminent launch.

To learn more and become an integral part of the price formation process, please contact us at info@commodities.global. We would be delighted to ensure your inclusion in this exciting venture.


We look forward to pioneering the future of nickel trading together.



About GCHL

Following more than two decades of providing a standardised, transparent marketplace to the international seaborne coal market, Global Commodities Holdings Limited has adapted its globalCOAL model to provide a venue for the trading of physical nickel products using a similar robust methodology to create a transparent and objective physical index price for the nickel market.

With the market requirement for a transparent physical nickel price derived from traded or tradeable orders, not influenced by speculative bids and offers, the globalNICKEL platform offers physical buyers and sellers of nickel the opportunity to buy/sell standardised specifications of Class I Nickel products based on standardised T&Cs.




Media and market enquiries:

Alison Ellmann

Head of Business Development

30 Coleman Street

London EC2R 5AL

+44 207 776 5905

+44 7741 582414


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globalCOAL to list Fastmarkets' coking coal index as option for index-linked screen trading

London, May 18, 2023 Global Commodities Holdings Ltd's (GCHL) globalCOAL, the leading online physical trading platform for thermal and metallurgical coal, will list Fastmarkets' Free On Board Dalymple Bay Coal Terminal Premium Hard Cokling Coal (FOB, DBCT, PHCC) index on the globalCOAL trading platform as an option for index-linked trades.  Fastmarkets, the industry-leading price reporting agency (PRA) and information provider for global commodities provide price data, news, analytics and events for agriculture, forest products, metals and mining, and new generation energy markets.  Fastmarkets specializes in providing pricing data and strategic insights for its customers in complex, volatile, ofern opaque markets.

Fastmarkets' FOB DBCT PHCC index is a key benchmark index for metallurgical coal prices, and its listing on globalCOAL will provide market participants with a transparent and reliable pricing reference for spot and term trades.  The collaboration also marks the start of a closer working relationship between globalCOAL and Fastmarkets, with the two companies planning to explore other areas of co-operation in the future.

Martin Abbott, CEO of GCHL commented "With the ever-incresing dependency on robust risk management tools, index-linked trades are becoming more popular on our trading screens.  We are delighted to support the markets' requirement for choice by offering optionality on our screen to index-link trades to Fastmarkets' coking coal index"

"We are please to partner with globalCOAL on their platform," Andrew Wells, global steel and ferro-alloys editor of Fastmarkets, said.  "The globalCOAL platform is a leading online trading platform for physical coal, and its reach and functionality will help to further the adoption of the Fastmarkets FOB DBCT PHCC index as a benchmark index.  We look forward to working closely with globalCOAL in the future to support the development of the coal market."



Fastmarkets is the industry-leading price reporting agency (PRA) and information provider for global commodities, providing price data, news, analytics and events for the agriculture, forest products, metals and mining, and new generation energy markets.  Fastmarkets' data is critical for customers seeking to understand and predict dynamic, sometimes opaque markets, enabling trading and risk management.  Fastmarkets is a global business with a 130-year history built on trust and deep market knowledge.  It has more than 500 employees spread across global locations in the UK, China, Brazil, Belgium and Finland.



GlobalCOAL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Commodities Holdings Limited, is the leading online trading platform for physical coal.  The platform provides a secure and effecient environment for buyers and sellers to trade coal, and it offers a wide range of features and services, including price discovery, risk management and logistics support.  GlobalCOAL is headquartered in London, UK and it has offices in Singapore.

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