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Access globalCOAL prices on your Thomson Reuters desktop.

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Easy access to energy market information and analysis via your Thomson Reuters desktop

Trading Data*

Bids, offers and trades for physical thermal coal contracts on the globalCOAL platform

* Time delayed by 1 hour

Key globalCOAL Indices

Access globalCOAL indices for ARA (Europe), Richards Bay (South Africa) and Newcastle (Australia).

Market comparisons

Plot coal prices against key markets such as oil, gas, freight and emissions to get true insights into market trends.

What data is available on the Thomson Reuters desktop?

Daily Indices

Daily indices for the 3 major hubs – Newcastle, Richards Bay and DES ARA.

Transaction Information

Full review of transactions, as well as the day's best bids/offers, in all physical and futures contracts on the globalCOAL trading screen.

Comparative Data

Comparative information from other markets to analyse and plot against coal industry data.

Graphical Historic Data

Historic price movements and correlation analysis, to export into Excel for in-house modelling.

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